Followers of Jesus

Luke (Chapter 5) 

One day Jesus was standing beside the Lake of Gennesaret telling people about the love of God. Many people were trying to get near him to hear. As he was talking Jesus noticed two fishermen washing their nets after a long day’s work. Jesus went over and got into one of the boats that was there – this boat belonged to Simon. Jesus asked Simon to take the boat out a little into the water and when they stopped Jesus sat down to teach people some more about the love of God. 

When he finished speaking he turned to Simon and told him to try catch some fish. Simon told Jesus that they had tried and there were no fish around today, but “if you want” he said “I will try”.  

When they put the nets out they caught so many fish that the nets began to tear – they needed help.  They had to call their friends to help them. 

When Simon saw this he knew that Jesus was God and he fell on his knees. Jesus told him not to be afraid, but to follow him.  “From now on it is people you will be catching” Jesus told him.  And that day Simon, and his friends James and John left everything and followed Jesus.