Baptism – Can you remember?

Baptism is full of symbols. Things to remind us about something important

Water – Did you know that in the first baptisms people were dipped fully in water. Now we just pour it over a baby’s head.  Water is poured three times over your head – to remind us of the three days Jesus was in the tomb! Water is also a reminder of new life.

While Shawl – Babies wear a white shawl to remind us that you are a new creation – a fresh start in the company of God.

Holy Oil – This Oil is blessed by the Bishop for all the churches in the Diocese.  Chrism Oil is used when we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Cross – The Sign of the Cross is made on our heads reminding us that we are now part of the family of Jesus.

Candle – Our parents and godparents get a lighted candle to show the light of Jesus in our world. It is given to them to be kept safe for you!

Saints – We all are trying to be a saint.  Be kind to others that’s a good start!!

See if you can remember these when you search below… click the tiles to match them…