MyFaith is an innovative parish-based programme of preparation that allows the children to journey towards the celebration of the Sacraments in the company of their families, supported by their parishes. Designed to support children preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation for the first time, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. 

This online, and in person, interactive programme leads students though the steps necessary to understand, appreciate and, in time, fruitfully celebrate, and then live, the Sacraments.

Ich Thus huh?

Ich Thus the Course Companion

Children will be introduced to Ich Thus, a most important fish, who will guide those preparing for Communion and Confirmation, in very different ways, to the same result.  Online video modules, online interactive games/challenges and quizzes to reinforce learning, downloadable resources; moments of prayer; an appreciation of the journey towards celebrating the Sacraments are the key elements of what we hope will be an immense support to parishes in their efforts to help children on their faith journey.

A Year of Preparation

New modules released every two weeks ensuring the journey of preparation will continue as the day of celebration draws closer. 

Your Parish Leader

Assign leaders to monitor progress of those preparing in your parish, as a whole or in groups! Leaders can log in to track, encourage and support the children on their journey. 

Support Monthly meetings between Group Leaders and the Children so that they are helped on their journey of preparation.  

Weekly Mass Participation 

Encourage weekly Mass participation by means of the book of reflection sheets – one for each Sunday of the year. Encouraging the children to listen and actively participate in the prayer each Sunday.

Advent and Easter Workbooks 

Reinforce learning even when the children are on holidays from school. These simple workbooks remind the children of the material they have covered while also introducing them to, and explaining, the Church Seasons. 

Parish Based Programme of Preparation

Support children on their journey to celebrate the Sacraments
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Per student for the year
  • Over 20 modules for the year - (one released every two weeks)
  • Interactive Taught Classes for Children and their Parents
  • Games/Quizzes and Challenges to reinforce learning
  • Advent and Easter Workbooks to Encourage Work When Away From School
  • Encourage Weekly Mass Attendance with the Sunday Mass Reflection Booklet
  • Arrange children in Groups
  • Assign a leader to supervise and encourage progress
  • Leaders Book to help with Monthly Group Gatherings
  • Virtual Tours
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Moments of Prayer
  • Be ready to celebrate and then live the Sacraments